Maintenance and Construction

We are maintenance experts. Since we deal with this daily we know what repairs should cost and how long they will take to complete. Our supply of qualified, reasonably priced subcontractors will get the job done right. KVA Property Management works only with service contractors who will arrange an appointment within 24 hours and the large volume of work we manage allows us the necessary recourse to assure the highest professional performance.

When the project requires ongoing management or is large in scope, as in a commercial tenant finish out, we manage the work through our General Contracting Division – Echelon Contracting Services, LLC. Experts in all forms of construction, Echelon Contracting Services, LLC is a valuable asset to KVA Property Management and to our property owners who entrust to us the total management of their investments.

We also try to prevent costly repairs through routine preventive maintenance, an example is a twice a year air conditioning check up and filter replacement which is arranged at a reduced cost. Routine repair and maintenance will be performed as required by the lease contract. For any major expense, we will obtain written estimates from several different companies and notify you before we proceed. Naturally, we protect the value of your investment by maintaining your property at or above competitive standards.

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